Rookra - Laptop Service OMR

Laptop service center OMR is one of the leading laptop repair service companies in Chennai. However, We have helped thousands of business and individuals solve their most complex to most negligible Laptop Hardware and Software issues

Professional & Affordable

Rookra laptop service center in omr offer businesses and residential customers a “one call solution” for all of your Laptop needs.

Hence Our belief is that all of our customers are VIP’s and we strive to have our staff provide courteous, knowledgeable and timely service and information. Therefore We are your VIP Laptop company that will meet all of your Laptop needs at affordable rates.

Services & Solution

Our staff is professionally trained to help troubleshoot and answer any questions you may have. Shopping for new Laptop spares? Visit our laptop spare page for a wide variety Quality spares. We offer on-site Laptop installation, set up and more.